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For over 6 years, we have provided multiple financial services to traditionally overlooked segments of the wider community.

We are proud of our reputation for providing efficient, accurate and affordable services to our clients. This has positioned us to influence personal finance choices for the better and ultimately, change lives.

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what our clients are saying

"I'm so grateful to the Lord & truly blessed to have connected with AEG when I needed to move unexpectedly! They offer valuable, concise solutions in assisting me with less than perfect credit, and they offer an excellent service in today's uncertain economic climate. Thanks for helping to make a stressful last-minute transition quick & stressfree bringing excellent service & results!:)"

T. A.
Las Vegas, Nevada

"I needed to find my children a place ASAP. With them being credit-challenged it was difficult to be approved for an apartment. When I reached out to Amafa Elite Group, they were able to provide my children with endless tradeline options to boost their credit. AEG customer service was top tier. Everything was right and in order. Within 30 days there was a 110 increase in my son's fico score that allowed him to be approved for an apartment and moved. I thank AEG so much in such a hard time in our lives."

W. Mills
Las Vegas, Nevada

"I would refer Samaria's company to any and everybody - she is God sent.  At the time I had no credit history and wanted to qualify for a car. My cousin referred me to Samaria due to being helped in the past for credit repair. I contacted Samaria and she reviewed my credit bureau reports. I added two tradelines to my credit and was advised to apply for a secured credit card to build my credit. I had a 432 fico score. 60 days later my credit had shot up to 682. I was able to buy a 2019 Mustang with low monthly payments. I'm so grateful for her company."

Ashlee N.
Houston, Texas